♪ Heelwork to Music ♪

Mary Ray and Kizzie performed in the Main Ring
just before Best In Show, Mary and Kizzie who
have been preforming throughout the four days
are seen here preforming The Lord of the Dance.

アトラクションの中でダントツ人気は  Heelwork to Music ♪   ですが、犬
起こるのではと思うほどの歓声と拍手でした。              MITSUKO

Best In Show took place at 8.30 this evening and the winner was announced just before 9
oclock as the Basenji CH Jethard Cidevant owned and handled by Paul Singleton.

Paul who was delighted with his win said "It's 30 years worth of ambition! all the hard work and
heartache that you have breeding dogs and you end up trumps its just wonderful. It's also
wonderful for the breed and I hope all Basenji owners are proud of the fact that Cid achieved Best In Show