2018 Doshu wo Kakomu Kai(“Sitting with Doshu”) 
Doshu wo Kakomu Kai
The last Tsukinami-Sai (monthly festival) in 2018 was held on December 2, 2018 from 11:00 a.m. at the Aiki-Shrine.

Moriteru Ueshiba, the Doshu, read Norito (prayers) at the Aiki shrine and prayed with around 130 people all together and then took a commemorative photo.

From 12:00p.m. “Doshu wo Kakomu Kai” was held at the Ibaraki Branch Dojo.

At first, chairman of Ibaraki Aikido Fed., Mr. Etsuo Iijima made a greeting as an organizer, and then Mr. Yoji Tunei, Mr. Teruo Matusda, Mr. Hiroshi Isoyama and other VIPs made speeches and greetings.

Then Doshu made a speech, “Aikido currently has spread out over 140 countries and regions. I feel that it is because the Ibaraki Branch Dojo and Aikido Hombu Dojo are united together and working with daily practicing with overseas practitioners. I hope we will walk with you again next year.” After Doshu’s speech, all participants made a toast led by the Ibaraki Branch Dojo GM, Mr. Shigemi Inagaki.

There were a lot of participants from dojos in Ibaraki Prefecture. They got acquainted with each other and the meeting finished.
 Doshu Special Seminar in 2018 (2018/11/29written)
On September 15th and 16h, Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba carried out a Special Seminar in Aikikai Foundation Ibaraki Branch Dojo.
150 people participated from 57 organizations across the country.
On September 15th starting from 1 p.m., the first class of the seminar was conducted for two hours by Doshu.
Doshu taught through basic skills that the kokyuho (breathing method) is being utilized and irimi and tenkan are connected to all waza (techniques).
After the class, a gathering was held with attendance of Doshu.
At the beginning of the gathering, speeches were given by Hombu Dojo Dojo-cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba, and then the Ibaraki Branch Dojo Counselor Hiroshi Isoyama Shihan. Afterwards, Doshu expressed his appreciation to the participants and mentioned that "Aikido is now widely spread around the world.”.
Followed by the toast and relaxed conversation including introduction of the participating organizations and chorus by all the participants culminating the party.
On the 16th the class was held from 10:00 a.m. for two hours and everyone participated like the day before.
Even though there is a limit of space in the dojo, the participants of the seminar enjoyed the practice with enthusiasm and they sweat while making the best use of dojo.
After the last class was finished, Doshu made a summary of the two days seminar ended successfully.
Doshu Special Seminar in 2018
Doshu Special Seminar in 2018
Aiki Shrine Festival (2018/6/2written)
On April 29th at 11 a.m. the "Aiki Shrine Festival" and the "Founder / Kisshomaru II Doshu Memorial Service", were held at the Aiki Shrine in Kasama city (former Iwama town),
Ibaraki Prefecture. Around one thousand five hundred people gathered for this event.

The ceremonial ritual was carried out smoothly in accordance with the procedure of Shinto.

Afterwards, Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu spoke: “First of all, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to this great number of people who attended the festival today. Forty nine years have passed since the Founder departed, and nineteen years since Kisshomaru II Doshu’s passing. During this period of time, Aikido has spread out to over 130 countries around the world thanks to the effort of pioneers.
From now on, I think it is my responsibility to hand over correctly this wonderful Aikido to the next generation. To accomplish this purpose, I think it is very important to firmly continue day-to-day practice, and I swore before the altar and renewed my determination to make even more efforts based on the Aikido philosophy for this task. Thank you very much to everyone for your attendance today. "
After this speech, the Head of Hombu Dojo, Mitsuteru Ueshiba conduct a Hounou Embu (demonstration offered to Diety), followed by Ueshiba Doshu’s Hounou Embu as well. The festival ended at 12:30 hs. in the afternoon.
Cleaning before the Grand Festival at Iwama (2018/5/1written)
120 people including the members of 18 organizations of Ibaraki Prefecture Aikido Federation, Hombu Dojo instructors, Hombu Dojo coordinators and Ibaraki Branch Dojo engaged in cleaning of the precinct of Aikiki Jinja (Aiki Shrine) on April 15th at 9 a.m. to prepare for the Aiki Shrine Grand Festival. Different groups worked for grass cutting, collecting fallen leaves, general cleaning of the Shrine and Dojo, etc. completing the task around 12:30 hs. The weather was unstable but people were able to complete their tasks without any problem.
All participants worked really hard, and I sincerely express my gratitude to everyone who participated in this voluntary work.
Time goes through…..
New Year Statement Aikido Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba(2018/1/16written)
Aikido Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba
Aikido Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba
A Happy New Year.
After sweating in etsunen-keiko (New Year’s Eve training), I was able to exchange a New Year’s greeting with 200 attendees from Hombu Dojo and local dojos this year, too. I don’t think that 2017 was a safe and secure year because of unstable politics and economics, global warming, abnormal weather, disasters caused by earthquakes and torrential rains, and the sound of disaster alerts ringing. However, I really feel happy to have a new year in this way.
“Now, as this Aikido way is becoming prosperous all over the world, let Aikikai Hombu Dojo be the core place for healthy development of the art in accordance with the spirit of the way. I want to meet the expectations of Aikido people at home and abroad who intended to be in this way while making Hombu Dojo a suitable Aikido Hall-of-Fame. I would like everyone to understand this point and ask for your great support and cooperation.” These are the words spoken by Kisshomaru 2nd Doshu at the opening ceremony of new Hombu Dojo in January, 1968. Kisshomaru 2nd Doshu rebuilt the present dojo by himself. When Tokyo suffered a massive air raid by the US military aircraft in 1945, he risked his life to protect the old dojo from the fire with the cooperation of the neighbors. Therefore his deep feeling towards to the dojo is transmitted to me.
Since then fifty years have passed. In the meantime, there are big changes in social backgrounds, values and other various things.
Aikido is the way of training mind and body every day. Nonetheless, we may have to keep thinking in line with the times. However, the root of Aikido, the foundation of Aikido that the Founder originated has never changed and I believe that it should not be changed in the future. 
I went to Patagonia, Ushuaia in October last year when I went to the 50th anniversary of Aikido in Argentina. People who are practicing Aikido warmly greeted me at the southernmost tip of South America Continent. 10 years ago, I visited Reykjavik, Iceland in the far North where people were working on Aikido Practice. I was able witness the spread of Aikido from the northern end of the earth to the southern end like this. Up to now I have visited overseas more than 100 times. I was deeply moved when I realized the unity of mind of the Founder, Ueshiba Morihei had built the “silver bridge” firmly in the world.
Fifty years ago, when Hombu Dojo was rebuilt with a reinforced concrete building, I could not imagine, even if I was hoping for it, that the spread of Aikido would be as it is now. The heart of Aikido, which the Founder created and Kisshomaru 2nd Doshu struggled to spread it as a pride of Japan in the destroyed town after the World War II, has never changed irrespective of the speed and scale of spread of Aikido. After the last War, Aikido opened its door to the public and environment surrounding us has changed as time went by, yet we must continue to send out the genuine mind of Aikido with steady beat as far as Hombu Dojo is here as the heart of Aikido. No matter how convenient the internet is used, I would like to exchange words face to face and to make communication through our hearts.
I expect even greater expansion of Aikido in the future.
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