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Applying to stay as a Live-in student.
Those wishing to stay at the Ibaraki Branch Dojo as an Live-in student, must apply in writing to the dojo address:

Aikikai Foundation Ibaraki Branch Dojo
27-1 Yoshioka, Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture (319-0203), Japan

Make sure you include the following:
1. A cover letter (in English or Japanese) to introduce yourself and outline your reasons for applying.
2. Your completed Application Form (please download and print out the PDF file below). Include a current contact address, a valid email address and a phone number when you fill out the form (please use block letters)
The minimum period to stay as a Live-in student is one week. 
Applications must be made by letter.
(email applications or applications for stays of less than one week will not be processed.)


*Student and visitor need to be the member of Aikikai Foundation.
(Registration Fee: 8,640 yen)

Monthly Fee (include Sunday class)
Adults 5,400 yen
Children 2,160 yen

Sunday Class Monthly Fee
2,160 yen

Visitor Practice Fee
1-10 days ----- 540 yen/day
11days-1month --- 5,400 yen

* We charge the visitor practice fee at the end of each month.
Therefore, if you practice from 5/25 to 6/7, it will be 7,560 yen when you leave the dojo.

iMay 7 days = 3,780 yen, June 7 days = 3,780 yenj

1,080 yen per day (meals not included)
* Include bedclothes charge, lighting and heating expenses.

yPractice Schedule z

Monday - Saturday 19:00 - 20:00
Sunday 10:00 -11:00
* National Holidays, and any particular days that the dojo decides, are closed.


Aikikai Foundation Ibaraki Branch Dojo
27-1 Yoshioka Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture (319-0203)
Phone from Japan: (0)299-45-6071 / FAX: 0299-45-6889
From Overseas: +81-299-45-6071

For Visitors
If you are not the member of Aikikai Foundation, you need to apply for the enrolment. (Registration Fee: 8,640 yen)

yLesson Feez
1- 10 days ------- 540 yen/day
11 days - 1month --- 5,400 yen
If you will stay at the dojo, the accommodation fee is 1,080 yen per day. Meals excluded.

8 day stay (540 yen + 1,080 yen) x 8 day = 12,960 yen
20 day stay 5,400 yen + (1,080 yen x 20 day) = 27,000 yen

Annual Schedule
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@Information for Live-in study in Ibaraki Branch Dojo
Ibaraki Branch Dojo allows staying at the dojo for the purpose of training.

Lodging charges: 1,080 yen/day (including bedclothes & utility costs, not including tuition or meals)

If you would like to do Live-in study (starting July 1st, 2014), please apply according to the following procedures.

@How to apply
(1) 1. Please fill the Application Form for Live-in Study in Ibaraki Branch Dojo (Excel) and email to ibaraki-live-in@aikikai.or.jp along with The Letter of Recommendation for Ibaraki Branch Dojo-live-in program (Excel) written by the representative of your organization as PDF attachments two months or more before.
(e.g.) If you would like to start Live-in study on July 1st, application deadline is April 30th.
(2) 2. Aikikai will send a yes-or-no email by the end of next month after your application. Persons who are admitted Live-in study will receive the Invoice for lodging charge & tuition at the same time.
(e.g.) If you apply on April 30th, the email will be sent to you by May 31st.
(3) 3. Persons, who received permission emails, please send your acknowledgement in 10 days after you received the email from Aikikai.
(e.g.) If you receive the email on May 31st, please email your confirmation by June 10th.
(4) 4. Aikikai will email you a Permission Letter for practice. Please submit the original 1. Application Form for Live-in Study in Ibaraki Branch Dojo, 2. The Letter of Recommendation for Ibaraki Branch Dojo-Live-in program and printed.
3. Permission Letter for practice to Dojo-cho of Ibaraki Branch Dojo on your first practice day.
* (1) Aikikai issues Permission Letter for practice and Invoice only.
Please apply for the VISA by yourself.
  (2) Please pay lodging charge & tuition with cash in Japanese yen only during your stay in Ibaraki Branch Dojo.
*Applicants need to read the Terms and Conditions for Live-in study at the Ibaraki Branch Dojo

@Terms and Conditions for Live-in Study at the Ibaraki Branch Dojo
1. Those who would like to try Live-in study at the Ibaraki Branch Dojo shall be a member of Aikikai.
2. Males x 2 (stay in prefab house), Female x 1 (stay in the dojo)
3. Short term camp for university students will be allowed to stay in the dojo, as an exception.
4. Establish time of practice as a target.
5. If you wish to practice out of lesson schedule, you need to get a permission from the Dojo-cho.
(Basic Knowledge)
6. Do not touch any important materials at the jinja (shrine) or the dojo.
(Daily Schedule)
(1) Wake up at designated time and perform tasks on the chore list.
(2) For morning volunteer work, please follow the directions of the chief supervisor
(3) If leaving the dojo grounds for an extended period of time, inform the administrative manager.
(Daily Life)
8. Conserve electricity and water.
9. Keep tidy and in good order.
(1) The dormitory (take responsibility for your valuables).
(2) Your bedding and personal effects on waking.
(3) Dining room (keep clean and put away your dishes).
(4) Refrigerator (throw out unwanted items).
10. Pay careful attention to the following fire prevention points
(1) No smoking in the dojo or dormitory.
(2) Check the gas burners, heaters and the fuel/heater for the bath.
(3) Check electrical outlets and plugs.
(4) Don't burn yard waste outside.
11. Separating and dealing with rubbish.
(1) Separate into; combustibles, cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles.
(2) Rubbish should be put out for collection only on specified days and in specified places, as set by Kasama City Council.
(Voluntary Work)
12. Implement a cleaning regime for the following:
(1) Dojo, Aiki-jinja (Aiki shrine) and its grounds.
(2) Front of the dojo and the parking area.
(3) Path from the dojo to the jinja (shrine).
(4) Dormitory, kitchen/dining room, bathroom and toilets.
13. Others.
  Not inappropriate sexual activity will be tolerated. Failure to comply with any of the above is grounds for mediate expulsion from the dojo without refund in whole or in part.
Aikikai Foundation Ibaraki Branch Dojo
Tel: +81-299-45-6071, Fax: +81-299-45-6889
27-1 Yoshioka, Kasama-city, Ibaraki Pref. 319-0203 Japan
Live-in student daily life
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Aikikai Foundation Ibaraki Branch Dojo
Phone: 0299-45-6071
27-1 Yoshioka Kasama City Ibaraki Prefecture 319-0203
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