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The Ibaraki Branch Dojo and Aiki Shrine are situated in the Yoshioka
district of the town of Iwama, east of the Joban Line Iwama Station.
During the 1940's the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei,
undertook intense training here, establishing the Aiki Shrine, and perfecting Aikido.
Aikido developed from old Japanese Martial Arts as a method for
training body and mind. The Founder described it as "a martial way of
harmony." Today Aikido has spread to 130 countries around the world
and Iwama is a consecrated place to the Aikido community.
O-Sensei's move to Iwama was prompted by his long held belief that "the
true martial path is like unto agriculture, both originate in the life
giving power of Takemusu Aiki."

1942 - 58 years old

Aikido is named formally. An aikido division is
established within the Dai Nihon Butokukai. O-Sensei moves to Iwama from Tokyo with his wife Hatsu.

1944 - 60 years old The main hall of the Aiki Shrine is completed in the Autumn.
1945 - 61 years old The Aiki Shuren Dojo (the present Ibaraki Branch Dojo) is completed in the summer.
1960 - 76 years old O-Sensei receives the Medal with Purple Ribbon on November 3rd.
1962 - 78 years old O-Sensei commemorates 60 years of training in Martial Arts and the Aiki Shrine Festival is celebrated at the Aiki Shrine in Iwama on August 7th.
1964 - 80 years old

O-Sensei receives the Third Order of the Sacred Treasure on November 3rd.

1969 - 86 years old

O-Sensei passes from this world on 26th April. He receives the Fourth Order of the Rising Sun and is nominated as an honorary citizen of Iwama.

 Aiki Shrine History
Aiki Shrine is the one and only shrine in the world that is associated with Aikido. The Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba erected this shrine and completed in the late autumn of 1943 (Showa 18th).
Morihei Ueshiba's O-Sensei Guardian Gods, Saruta Hiko no Ookami, Kunitsu Ryuoh Kuzuryu Daigongen, Tajikarao no mikoto, Amenomurakumo Kukisamuhara Ryuoh, Ketsumi Miko no Ookami, Wakumusubi no Mikoto, Ryuoh, Daigongen, Ootengu, Daibosatsu, and others, totalling 43 great Gods are enshrined.

Once a year, we celebrate Aiki Shrine Festival on April 29th. Many Aikido disciplinants from not only Japan but also all over the world visit here for this celebration. We all commemorate the Founder and Kisshomaru Ueshiba 2nd Doshu and pray for the growth of Aikido, safety at the dojo, improvement of our techniques and world peace.

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